2013-07-16 10:20 Woodworking engraving machine industry’s future development

2013-07-16 10:20Woodworking engraving machine industry’s future development

With economic development and technological innovation and progress, woodworking engraving machine industry has made significant progress, industry technology from traditional techniques are efficient, high-precision automated, semi-automated and intelligent technologies gradually replace other machinery, has now become a multi-species, classification thin industry has become a major technology and equipment industry for national economic construction provides a lot of basic technology and equipment for the country’s modernization process to make an important contribution.

However, due to the weak economy and the impact of scientific and technological base, China’s development in this industry started late from a low mechanical innovations in design, technology level, design, intellectual property rights and other aspects of international standards and competitiveness are present very large gap, coupled with recent macroeconomic downturn, woodworking engraving machine corporate profits continue to be compressed, especially labor-intensive enterprises are facing unprecedented pressure, so the strengthening of automation equipment transformation, degree of automation to improve production and reduce labor intensity and improve the working the environment, has become the consensus of the industry. From the industry itself, there are still some problems, inadequate capacity of independent innovation, rapid expansion of production capacity led to irrational industrial structure, key features development lags behind, the overall level of equipment larger gap with foreign countries, structural optimization and upgrade potential in must be done, so that the wood engraving machine industry still has a long way to go, we must actively help market the opportunities of globalization, using a variety of ways and means to introduce foreign advanced scientific study design, the use of the information age brings convenient, and actively marketing to create their own brands and better participate in international market competition in the international market, a place firmly.
It can be predicted that the next step with the engraving machine industry prosperity and development, industrial upgrading and technological progress by further accelerated, thus accelerating the growth mainly depends on the size of the traditional path of industrialization to rely mainly on technological progress and sustainable development of the new road to industrialization changes.

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