2013-10-30 09:27 Grasp the high-end stone carving machine market opportunitie

2013-10-30 09:27Grasp the high-end stone carving machine market opportunitie

As we all know , stone engraving machine broader range of applications , both in a variety of wood , aluminum , PVC, acrylic, crystal and other non-metallic materials to do relief, lettering , cutting , but also in the hard marble , bluestone , granite and other stone on doing relief, alignment, edge down, lettering and other processing , very suitable for tombstone , foundation stone sculpture, architectural decoration, square stone engravings , figures dimensional sculpture , advertising and other industries. Especially in recent years more and more domestic cities to enter the ranks of the construction of subway , urban infrastructure construction in full swing , these infrastructure facilities construction will inevitably bring about the rapid development of architectural decoration industry , tile foot , decorative products can not be separated stone engraving machine, while the real estate market continued to hit, so that the stone engraving machine broader range of applications .

With the rapid development of digital technology , more new stone engraving machine engraving machine such as long ATC woodworking machining centers and even the advent of the original single-head comparison of these high-end engraving machine engraving machine more professional in engraving processing whether processed or processing speed is far superior to single-head engraving machine. In addition, these new engraving machine significantly increase the degree of automation in the era of rapid growth in labor costs is particularly important, it has also become impressed many buyers of the important reasons . With many investors engraving customers into production scale, simple engraving machine has been unable to meet their growing demand for orders , process changes , purchasing a new engraving machine become a trend. Jinan River CNC discover and grasp the high-end market opportunities stone engraving machine , stone engraving machine to increase research and development efforts , the company produces various models of stone engraving machine, outstanding product quality , stable performance, higher cost.

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