Already More than 100,000 Containers Shipped via Intercity Barge

Intercity Barge Photo: European Gateway Services

     Since the start in early 2018, more than 100,000 containers have been transported via the Intercity Barge shuttle service. With the Intercity Barge, customers can pick up and deliver their containers at the location of their choice and are assured of timely delivery. The shuttle service connects the terminals of Hutchison Ports ECT Rotterdam on the Maasvlakte with the terminals and depots in the Waal- and Eemhaven area, the Botlek area, the Merwedehaven, Ridderkerk and Alblasserdam.

     By bundling containers at these terminals and depots, it is possible to sail to and from the Maasvlakte with larger call-sizes. The Intercity Barge makes use of fixed windows at the ECT terminals and can therefore offer sustainable and efficient, but above all reliable, transport. Intercity Barge is a joint corridor initiative of Danser Group and European Gateway Services (EGS).

     The Port of Rotterdam Authority welcomes freight bundling initiatives by market parties. Bundling of cargo, fixed visit agreements with larger cargo volumes and fixed point-to-point connections between inland terminals and deepsea terminals lead to a more reliable inland shipping product thanks to less delays in handling at the terminals. This improves the accessibility of the port of Rotterdam.

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