Analysis of characteristics of auto parts industry

The unreasonable setting of the top selling price of auto parts has led to confusion in the retail sales price. The selling price of some products after the reported loss is actually not profitable or at a loss. The emergence of wholesale prices and the expansion of wholesale business make the prices come true. It is more complicated, and this has not attracted enough attention and discussion. The understanding of high-quality services is not comprehensive, and the reception of users, especially large users, is very enthusiastic, but it can’t satisfy users’ thrills and make it difficult for users to return with satisfaction. It is mainly manifested in: a large number of goods with uneven varieties, a large number of exchanges with poor quality, high prices and a lot of losses, logistics services can not keep up with the competition, and at the same time, business expenses are overrun, reducing the effective basis of the enterprise. military.

The shortage of varieties in the sales process cannot be quickly adjusted to make up. One of the characteristics of the auto parts industry is that iron sales are relatively concentrated, such as automobile transportation companies, public transportation companies, olive transportation storage and transportation companies, factory and mine fleets, and maintenance plants. The car ownership of these units all accounted for more than Yifeng of the total number of children in the entire locality, and the number of enterprises only accounted for less than 15% of the units. The market is now turning to a buyer’s market. Continuing to wait and wait for a rabbit-like management will only cause the loss of users. To this end, it is necessary to change the way of camping style. Through visits, invitations, telephone calls, letters and other communication methods, we are familiar with Namaicai’s supervisors, sponsors, and vehicle models to maintain affection and establish user profiles.

According to the consumption regulations and seasonality of auto parts and the demand of the liver and poultry, the platinum sales work is free, and the users are controlled within the scope of the Mingdian as much as possible. We should be very cautious about the user’s burial of the golden crown, so as to avoid Shi Dahebin’s major losses. Now the user composition of buying auto parts is complicated. The method of fund settlement and burial has also been diversified, including cash receipt, transfer of cheque, collection and acceptance, guarantee deferred payment and rescue, etc.

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