Analysis of the details that should be paid attention to in car tire maintenance

*The temperature has been rising recently, and the car tires have become very fragile after a winter of snow and ice. At this time, car owners should take good care of the tires, so today this article will take car owners to go together Talk about car tire maintenance.

Tires will be the feet of the car in a sense, and it will take car owners to travel all over the country. Therefore, car owners should double the maintenance of car tires, but many car owners in life think that tires do not need maintenance and do not know how to maintain tires. Let’s take a look at how to do car tire maintenance together. We also talk specifically about tire maintenance.

Check car tire wear

After winter, car tires will soon meet the arrival of the rainy season after passing through ice and snow, so checking the wear of car tires is the first thing car owners should do. If the wear of the car has exceeded the safety line of the tire during the inspection, it means that the tire has a certain degree of danger and should be replaced and cannot be used continuously.

Tire pressure should not be too high

The tire pressure should not be too high because the weather is gradually warming, and it will rise to a certain level from the day or even in the summer, the tire pressure of the car will naturally rise due to the weather, so if the tire pressure of the car is too high, it may be Due to the weather, the tire pressure has risen due to the friction of the tires when the car is driving. There is a high risk of a tire blowout. Therefore, the tire pressure should not be too high.

Remove debris from tire tread

Although the tire texture of a car seems to have no effect, in fact, these textures are caused by preventing the tire from slipping when the car is driving too fast. Therefore, if the lines in the tire are blocked by debris, the function of preventing slippage will be seriously reduced, and even pose a threat to driving safety. Therefore, in order to protect the tires, and also for the owner’s own driving safety, the owner should regularly clean the debris in the tire tread.

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