Armless gas assist chair molding technology


To get high quality armless gas assist chairs, during the gas assist chair molding, we need to pay some attention to the following points:
1st, for armless gas assist chair molding, usually the gas channel would from back leg to front leg, so during armless gas assist chair molding, it is better to connect gas controller separately to each gas channel. In this way, it would make sure of even gas blowing and guarantee good armless gas assist chairs. Otherwise it would make gas assist chair gas channel not good, maybe on is blow out but another one still blocked with material.
2nd, for armless gas assist chair molding, it would has 5 sets pullers during whole gas chair molding process, so you need to make sure of correct connect way of the hydraulic cylinder to the injection molding machines. This will guarantee accurate molding actions during gas chair molding.
3rd, after armless gas assist chair molding, you need to put the armless chairs on the jiji, the wooden plate which make according to your chairs to shape the legs and chair. If you put the chair at random, it would cause chair deformation too much.
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