Aviation News: Tianwen-1 has flown 100 million kilometers and Chang’e-7 will land on the south pole of the moon

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It was learned from the National Space Administration that as of 10:08 on August 28, my country’s first Mars exploration mission “Tianwen No. 1” had a flight mileage of 100 million kilometers, with a stable attitude and balanced energy. Check to confirm that the equipment is in normal condition, and related work is progressing steadily as planned.

As planned, the Tianwen-1 Mars rover will perform its second orbit correction in September to ensure that the probe flies accurately on its intended orbit. Previously, on August 2, the probe made its first orbit correction.

According to experts from China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, on the way to Mars, the Tianwen-1 probe will perform four orbit corrections and one deep space maneuver. Compared with the fine adjustment of orbit correction, the subsequent deep space maneuver is an orbit control action with a large amount of control. After the deep space maneuver, the probe will fly to Mars in the true sense, so it is more important and more difficult.

The “Tianwen-1” mission probe has been in orbit for about 36 days and is about 10.75 million kilometers away from the earth. Experts from the Lunar Exploration and Aerospace Engineering Center of the National Space Administration said that the probe was successfully launched on July 23, and was directly sent to the earth-fire transfer orbit by the Long March 5 carrier rocket, becoming an artificial planet, orbiting the sun together with the earth and Mars, And gradually away from the earth, fly to Mars. When it reached Mars, the probe was about 195 million kilometers away from the earth, and the actual flight distance was about 470 million kilometers.

During the flight, the probe has successfully completed the acquisition of the photo of the Earth and the moon, the first midway correction of the orbit, and the self-check of the load. From 22:20 on August 19, the Mars magnetometer, mineral spectrum analyzer, high-resolution camera, medium-resolution camera and other payloads on the orbiter completed their self-checks in sequence, and the scientific data of the payload was successfully downloaded, confirming that the equipment is in normal condition , all flight control work is carried out normally. Subsequent probes will also carry out deep space maneuvers and multiple midway corrections, and perform tasks such as capture, landing, and patrol after approaching the orbit of Mars.

Chang’e 7 will land on the south pole of the moon

Photo Source | @China Lunar Exploration Project

According to the overall arrangement of the fourth phase of the lunar exploration project, the Chang’e 7 mission will land at the south pole of the moon and carry out environmental and resource exploration in the polar region. In order to give full play to the advantages of all parties, aim at the international advanced level, improve the originality of scientific achievements, and ensure the successful realization of scientific and application goals, it is planned to carry out competition and selection of some of the main payloads of the Chang’e 7 mission.

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