Best plastic injection mould supplier in China

Sino Mould specialized in mould manufacture for 20 years,experienced making all kinds of plastic injection moulds.


  1. We own the most advanced mold processing equipment,High speed CNC milling /Sodick /Japan,3+2 axis CNC milling Fidia/Italy,Strict control mould machining precision;

  3. Strong R&D team,more than 60 designer experienced for 2D,3D design;

  5. Strick QC control department,using advanced 3D bridge coordinate measuring machine inspect main processing size,guarantee every part assembly.

  7. Famous brand cooperation:Coca-Cola crate,Renault Auto motive parts,Siemens Refrigerator parts…..

  9. Professional engineer following every process of mould tooling,ensure mould quality and delivery time.

  11. Besides we offering injection moulding service,customer only need to transport plastic parts,saving buy machine and extra cost.

If you’re looking for plastic injection mould supplier,pls kindly contact with us.

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