Big Oak Technology has received tens of millions of A+ rounds of financing to focus on human organ chips

Recently, Beijing Great Oak Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Great Oak Technology”) announced the completion of tens of millions of A+ rounds of financing, led by Hongtai Fund, followed by Renai Capital, and the old shareholders CDH VGC and Furong Investment continued to increase their investment.

It is worth mentioning that it has only been a few months since Da Oak Technology officially announced the completion of tens of millions of yuan in Series A financing.

Founded in 2018, Big Oak Technology is a high-tech company that develops and produces human organ chips and organoid chips, and is committed to promoting and leading organ chips and organoid chips in new drug development, disease modeling, and personalized precision medicine. wide application in the field.

According to the introduction of Big Oak Technology, the Organoid-on-a-Chip that the company is developing is an innovative technology platform that perfectly combines Organoids and Organ-on-a-Chips.

Compared with the traditional 2D/3D cell line models and animal models, the Organoid Chip of Big Oak Technology can better simulate the biochemical and physical microenvironment of human tissues/organs, and truly reproduce many key physiological characteristics of the organs in the body. To a certain extent, it solves the industry pain point of low data accuracy caused by differences in the species of preclinical models.

According to Hongtai Family news, Jiang Fei, managing director of Hongtai Fund, said: Organoid chips, as an emerging subdivision in the field of medicine, are one of the most suitable solutions for “individualized precision medicine”. In the process of drug preclinical research and development, organoid chips may gradually replace in vitro and animal tests and become the main tool for preclinical drug research and development. The organoid chip products developed by Great Oak Technology combine high-throughput and bionic properties, with strong operability, leading global industrialization, and large-scale application. It has already cooperated deeply with first-class domestic and foreign industry parties, and the future can be expected.

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