Brief Introduction of Hot Dip Plastic Coated Cable Steel Pipe

The development situation of plastic-coated steel pipe is getting more and more excellent. This kind of steel pipe is mainly used in the pipeline industry. Commonly used are residential area drainage water transportation, gas, fluid transportation in chemical industry, etc. The features are strong abrasion and corrosion resistance, high rigidity, and low fluid resistance. The performance of this steel pipe in all aspects is obviously better than other steel pipes, and it has outstanding advantages in terms of technology and service life. It has good chemical resistance and anti-cathode peeling performance. It reacts with the active groups of the intermediate layer adhesive to form a chemical bond, ensuring that the overall anticorrosive layer has good adhesion at higher temperatures. The intermediate layer is usually a copolymer binder, whose main component is polyolefin. Currently, a vinyl copolymer adhesive is widely used. The functional group of the polar part of the copolymer adhesive and the epoxy group of the sintered epoxy powder coating can react to form hydrogen bonds or chemical bonds, so that the middle layer and the bottom layer form a good bond, while the non-polar ethylene part and the surface layer Polyethylene has a good affinity.

The surfaces of these two pipes are made of plastic, so the inner and outer surfaces of the pipes are smooth and free of microorganisms, no scaling, and low fluid resistance. Their working efficiency is 1.5 times that of similar pipes. At present, there are generally two methods of sealing flange-coated plastic pipes: one is the method of potting with asphalt or epoxy resin. This method is complicated in process, difficult to control and difficult to maintain. The principle of bending resistance is to combine plastic and steel pipe to form a composite pipe body. It has the common advantages of steel pipe and plastic pipe. Another new method of stress resistance is also currently domestic.

The principle is based on straight seam steel pipe or seamless steel pipe as the base pipe, and the steel pipe is compounded with plastic through the heating spraying process, so as to achieve a composite pipe with a galvanized layer on the outside and a plastic coating on the inner wall. Abrasive. Hebei Youcheng Pipe Industry Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of plastic-coated and galvanized steel pipes. The outer galvanized and plastic-coated composite pipe passes through the powder coating with extremely small particle size (80 mesh) and is heated and rotated. Its technology has been perfected in China. The development history of the outer galvanized and plastic-coated steel pipe has been in the country for more than ten years. The plastic powder melted according to the capillary principle penetrates into the micropores of the steel pipe, so that the lining layer and the inner surface of the steel pipe are mixed into one. After the plastic powder is coated on the inner surface of the steel pipe, it is slowly cooled. The plastic lining has no internal stress. The lining and the steel pipe are fully combined, so the bonding force is good.

Plastic-coated steel pipe is a steel-plastic composite product with steel pipe as the base pipe and plastic powder as the coating material. The inner surface is melt-coated with a plastic layer, and the outer surface is coated with a plastic layer or an anticorrosive layer of other materials. . This product is a new type of pipe material newly developed in China. It uses a plastic-coated protective layer on the inside and outside. The middle is a composite structure of reinforced welded steel pipe or seamless pressure-resistant steel pipe. It overcomes the rust, corrosion and high corrosion resistance of the steel pipe itself. Pollution, defects of low strength and easy deformation of plastic pipes, integrate the common advantages of steel pipes and plastic products, and are environmentally friendly products for promotion and use.

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