Cavonix adopts LeddarTech’s Leddar Pixell LiDAR technology to support self-driving cars

LeddarTech®, a leader in ADAS and AD sensor technology, is pleased to announce that Cavonix Ltd. has selected Leddar® Pixell sensor technology to support its autonomous commuter and off-highway truck customers.

Caconix Ltd. is a UK-based technology start-up that has developed a range of white-label automated control systems for several automakers and technology companies. Together with its parent company, Aim Technologies, a world leader in racing electronics, Cavonix has recently developed a range of new technologies for self-driving commuter vehicles, off-highway and agriculture.

LeddarTech offers the only truly open, flexible and scalable sensing platform for all automotive and mobility applications. The platform provides key ADAS and AD system components as well as customizable standard solutions, with scalability from L1 (camera and radar) to L5 (multiple sensor modalities including LiDAR) at optimal performance and cost. Platform components include a modular sensor fusion and perception software stack, LeddarEngine™ (SoC and signal processing software), and LiDAR sensors such as the Leddar Pixell developed for the mobility market and demonstrating LeddarEngine technology.

“Cavonix selected LeddarTech’s technology for its ability to provide customers with increased security,” said founder and CEO Steven Lake. LeddarTech’s solid-state technology is robust and reliable for today’s harsh travel conditions and eliminates the blind spots left by other sensing technologies, making it the technology of choice for collision avoidance in park-and-start applications. Mr. Lake continued: “At Cavonix, we are committed to delivering powerful solutions for real-world applications – science without fiction.”

“It’s an honor that Cavonix has trusted and selected our LiDAR solution to support its autonomous commuter and off-highway truck customers,” said Frantz Saintellemy, President and COO of LeddarTech. Mr. Saintellemy continued: “Cavonix’s achievements in a relatively short period of time are impressive and we look forward to their further advancements with LeddarTech technology in the future.” Mr. Saintellemy concluded: “Making mobility applications safer is our strategy Core. Our technology achieves the perfect balance of performance and cost-effectiveness and is ready to deploy now.”

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