Chip to help CMSemicon release the first 32-bit microcontroller with integrated RISC-V core

Recently, Xinlai Technology helped CMSemicon to release the first 32-bit microcontroller with integrated RISC-V core – ANT32RV56xx, which can easily meet the high computing power and low power consumption requirements of consumer electronics.

China Micro semiconductor (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “CMSemicon”), an innovative developer of mixed-signal SoCs, announced the official release of the first 32-bit microcontroller with an integrated RISC-V core – ANT32RV56xx. This series of chips is equipped with Nuclei System Technology’s N100 series ultra-low power RISC-V processor core, integrates analog peripherals and simplifies design, and easily meets the requirements of consumer electronics for high computing power and low power consumption.

Chip to help CMSemicon release the first 32-bit microcontroller with integrated RISC-V core

As the core component of the embedded control system, the microcontroller has extremely high requirements on computing power, power consumption and peripherals. It is equipped with the N100 series RISC-V processor of Xinlai Technology. ANT32RV56xx further realizes the performance, computing power and power consumption. Perfectly balanced, with efficient performance and flexible compatibility, it can be widely used in wireless charging, digital-analog hybrid and IoT applications.

As a RISC-V 32-bit embedded core, the Core Technology N100 series core is highly optimized for area and power consumption. It is mainly designed for extremely low power consumption and extremely small area scenarios. It is very suitable for traditional 8-bit cores or 16-bit cores. Bit core upgrade requirements, can be widely used in digital-analog hybrid, IoT or other ultra-low power consumption scenarios.

The ANT32RV56xx has built-in 2-channel operational amplifiers, 2-channel comparators, and 2-channel programmable gain amplifiers, which can replace off-chip operational amplifiers and comparators for wireless charging decoding circuits. It can quickly provide effective protection against abnormal conditions in system control. The chip has two built-in low-speed and high-speed high-precision 12-bit ADCs, which can accurately collect voltage, current and temperature signals for system control for different application scenarios; enhanced PWM The flexible configuration is suitable for half-axle and full-axle control, and the fast braking function can effectively protect the entire control system. ANT32RV56xx has both high computing power and low power consumption, and currently provides a complete solution for wireless charging and transmission. CMSemicon’s 5W/7.5W/10W/15W wireless charging transmitter solution based on ANT32RV56xx is well prepared in terms of performance and power consumption. The solution supports the latest QI standard protocol V1.2.4 and QC2.0 fast charging protocol, and is compatible with Apple 7.5 W fast charge, Samsung 10W fast charge and 15W EPP fast charge. It adopts power closed-loop control, flexible and efficient control, and has a sensitive foreign object detection (FOD) function, which can quickly improve the wireless charging speed of mobile phones.

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