Clamping process method for five-axis linkage machining of cast iron workpiece

When processing cast iron parts, we first need to use high hardness tools to process. Secondly, consider the clamping method. You can consider using a disk to hold the cast iron and then process it. Firstly, the disk on the five-axis machine tool will not interfere with the rotation of the five-axis machine tool. There is no need to worry about the obstacle when the tool will hit the clamping during machining. Then the cast iron can be adsorbed on the disk very stable, just consider The machining depth then places four pieces of iron that are lower than the machining depth next to the cast iron to prevent the workpiece from moving against the cast iron.
Pay more attention to whether the machine tool is running normally during machining. If you hear the sound during processing is not correct or the machine tool is difficult to stop, check the tool and program for problems. The program feed and the amount of the knife should be given the appropriate value. When processing the precision of the hole, pay attention to the processing with a new knife. When the workpiece is finished, the finish should be done. When roughing, try to give the amount of knife to be reasonable. Do not cause the machine to vibrate too much during processing. Because the specificity of the five-axis machining may directly affect the normal machining of the machine and the accuracy and stability of the machine tool, it can be as far as possible. Go slowly and eat a little bit to process it to ensure normal operation of the five-axis machine.
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