CNC machining and clamping method for multi-faceted complex structure aluminum alloy parts

Before processing multi-faceted complex aluminum alloy precision parts, we must first consider the clamping method of each surface. Secondly, consider the structure of the workpiece. Before making the front surface, find a surface to sweep the bottom surface and then machine the front surface to ensure that the workpiece is perpendicular to the side. Convenient for school. If there is a side material that can not be processed, it can also be used to fix the front and back sides of the fixture. Then use the fixture to fix the side. If there are oblique aluminum alloy parts, you can also choose the angle according to the size. After the approval of the front side, the angle of the approval is first processed.
Then do the simple side of the good clamping. If it is a large aluminum alloy part that can't be processed by the right angle iron, you can first press the two slots in the edge material when you are front, and then you can choose to use the horse iron to press the groove. The bit is used to machine the side, and then a jig is made to machine the side of the horse iron.
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