CNC machining tools are continuously optimized to improve machining

The new milling cnc machining tools use blade materials and geometries for specific materials or processes. The new CNC machining cutters with these inserts perform much better than the ISO or ANS standard CNC machining tools and inserts. Compared to large number of standard inserts, modern new inserts and CNC machining tools offer larger positive rake angles and more complex geometries, reducing cutting forces and resulting in faster and more stable metal removal synergies.
The use of outdated milling CNC machining tools has the immediate consequences of machining economics and safety. If machining companies continue to use milling CNC machining tools that have been developed in the new technology, they will gradually lose their production strength and competitiveness. And if you only buy advanced milling machines, but when you are not enough to update the CNC machining cutters and blades, it is like a slap in the face, halfway back.
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