CNC manual programming methods and procedures during CNC machining (2)

CNC programming methods and procedures during cnc machining (2)
2. Calculate the coordinate value of the tool path According to the geometry of the part drawing when CNC machining service, and the programmed coordinate system, calculate the tool center trajectory and get all the tool position data. The general CNC system has the functions of linear interpolation and circular interpolation for CNC machined parts. For the contour processing of simple-shaped parts with a relatively simple shape (such as parts composed of straight lines and circular arcs), only the starting point, end point, and arc of the geometric elements need to be calculated. The center of the circle (or radius of the arc), the point of intersection of the two geometric elements, or the coordinates of the point of tangency. If the CNC system does not have a tool compensation function, the coordinates of the motion path of the tool center must be calculated. For parts with complex shapes (such as parts composed of non-circular curves and surfaces), the actual curve or surface needs to be approximated by a straight-line segment (or arc segment), and the coordinates of its nodes are calculated based on the required machining accuracy.
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