Cnc processing how to distinguish between gloss and finish

In mechanical processing, the two concepts of gloss and finish are often encountered, and most people will confuse these two concepts. In fact, gloss and finish are not the same concept. Today Wanfuxin Hardware Products Co., Ltd. interprets the difference between these two concepts for you.First, surface finish and surface roughness are the same concept, and surface finish is another name for surface roughness. The surface finish is presented in terms of human vision, and the surface roughness is actually derived from the surface micro-geometry. Because it is in line with international standards (ISO), China has used surface roughness after the 1980s to abolish surface finish. After the surface roughness GB3505-83 and GB1031-83 are promulgated, the surface finish is no longer used.
There is a corresponding table of surface finish and surface roughness. Roughness has a calculated formula, and the finish can only be compared with the model gauge. Therefore, the roughness is more scientific and rigorous than the finish.

The surface glossiness is the intensity of the diffuse reflection of the surface of the object on the surface of the object. When viewed from the naked eye, the diffuse reflection on the surface is strong, and the specular effect is higher. On the contrary, the diffuse reflection on the surface is weak, so the gloss is low. Gloss is also known as specular gloss. The factors affecting the surface gloss are related to the physical properties of the surface and the chemical properties of the materials used on the surface. A method of detecting the specular gloss of an object surface requires the use of a surface gloss meter.

Surface roughness refers to the small pitch of the machined surface and the unevenness of the tiny peaks and valleys. The distance (wavelength) between the two peaks or two valleys is small (below 1 mm), which is a micro geometry error. The smaller the surface roughness, the smoother the surface.
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