Cnc processing process division principle

The principle of cnc processing process concentration means that the process does not include as much processing content as possible, so that the total number of processes is reduced. The cnc machining process concentration principle applies to workpiece machining on efficient special equipment and cnc machine tools. The advantages of adopting the principle of process concentration are: improving production efficiency; reducing the number of processes, shortening the process route, simplifying production planning and production organization work; reducing the number of foundations, the number of workers and the floor space; reducing the number of workpieces to be clamped, not only guarantees The mutual positional accuracy between the machined surfaces and the number of fixtures and the auxiliary time for clamping the workpiece. However, cnc processing equipment and industrial equipment investment is large, adjustment and maintenance is more troublesome, and the production preparation cycle is longer, which is not conducive to the conversion.
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