Correctly handle the contradiction between the use and maintenance of equipment


The repair of instruments and equipment must be planned. The repair plan should be formulated based on the information obtained during the technical inspection of the equipment and the situation provided by the user. The repair plan shall be implemented after approval by school leaders.

It is necessary to attach importance to the training of maintenance personnel, continuously improve their self-study ability, and try to ensure that the equipment is repaired during medium and minor repairs without leaving the laboratory.

For instruments and equipment that cannot be repaired in school, they can be sent to relevant departments outside the school for repair.

The laboratory must correctly handle the contradiction between the use and maintenance of equipment. While arranging the experimental teaching tasks, arrange the equipment maintenance tasks.

The repair of equipment is an important means to ensure that the equipment is in good technical condition. However, the maintenance of instruments and equipment, especially overhauls, must be limited, otherwise, it will not only affect the completion of the experimental teaching tasks, but also increase the workload and economic burden.

General knowledge of the maintenance of equipment and equipment Maintenance of general equipment and equipment in primary and secondary schools does not require advanced professional knowledge, but requires a wider range of knowledge. Therefore, the collection and preservation of technical data is very important for the maintenance work. Technical materials such as instrument and equipment manuals, drawings, etc., should be bound into a book, and should not be lost. For some more complex instruments and equipment, an instrument and equipment file should be established to record the acceptance quality, damage, and maintenance. Magazines, books, etc. that introduce the structure, principle, and use of equipment and equipment should also be collected and preserved.

For instruments and equipment that have been repaired by yourself, record the failure phenomena, repair methods, and post-inspection results. These materials will be helpful for future work.

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