Custom China Wholesale Popular Lady Fashion Silicone Coin Purse

In recent years, silicone bags become a new fashion trend. Various pictures of silicone bags were shared on social media platform, and more and more people are attracted by their bright colors and excellent features of non-toxic and resistant to extrem environment. As a manufacturer exporting silicone products to America and Euroap, Weishun Silicone find that silicone purse is one of most popular products in the first half of the year.

Silicone purses in our factory is made from food grade silicone rubber, which FDA approve can direct contact with food. So silicone purse, generally speaking, is non-toxic and safe. As fa as I am concerned, there are two reason why silicone purse have a big market. The first question is that special color of silicone is more easy to get than cloth. Another reason is people's curious of new fashion things.

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