Cutting principle selection principle for CNC machining

When programming cnc machining, the programmer must determine the amount of cutting for each process, including spindle speed, back-feeding amount, feed rate, etc., and enter it into the program in the format specified by the CNC system. The amount of cutting CNC machining requires different cutting amounts for different machining methods. Reasonable choice of cutting amount has a great influence on the surface quality, precision and processing efficiency of the parts. This is also difficult to grasp in practice, and it is necessary to have a wealth of practical experience to determine the appropriate amount of cutting. In NC programming, only the experience of the programmer and the recommended value of the cutting amount of the tool can be determined initially, and the final cutting amount will be determined according to the debugging result of the part NC program and the actual machining condition.
The selection principle of cutting amount for CNC machining is: to improve productivity in roughing, while taking into account economic and processing costs; semi-finishing and finishing should ensure the parts under the premise of cutting efficiency and processing cost. Processing quality. It is worth noting that the cutting amount (spindle speed, depth of cut and feed rate) is an organic whole. Only three of them can adapt to each other to achieve the most reasonable matching value, in order to obtain the best cutting amount.
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