Cylindrical surface grinding in precision machining

Cylindrical surface grinding in precision machining:
Grinding is the main method of finishing cylindrical parts during precision machining, both quenching parts can also be processed non-quenching parts. According to different precision and surface quality requirements, grinding can be divided into coarse grinding, fine grinding, fine grinding and mirror grinding. After rough grinding, the surface of the workpiece can reach IT8 ~ 9 precision, the surface roughness value is Ra0.8 ~ 1.6μm; the precision can reach IT6 ~ 7 precision after grinding, the surface roughness value is Ra0.2 ~ 0.8μm; fine grinding (Precision grinding) after the accuracy of IT5 to 6, the surface roughness Ra0.1 ~ 0.2μm; mirror surface roughness Ra value of up to 0.01μm. Through the grinding process can effectively improve the quality of shaft parts, especially the processing of hardened hardware.Lemo has two kind of grinding machines, one is for cylindrical shape parts, another is for flat parts, need to do precision grinding for some precision machining part with high shiny surface.Pls see below our OEM CNC parts by precision grinding : 
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