Design of exhaust vents in automobile air-conditioning system


Car air conditioners have two types of throttling systems: the expansion cycle system and the orifice pipe system. These two types of systems have very different working pressures under the same working fluid, and they must be paid attention to and distinguished during maintenance. Expansion valve circulation system is a traditional temperature control system, the main difference lies in the expansion valve throttling device. It is suitable to be installed in an air-conditioning cycle system characterized by a liquid storage actuator, an expansion valve and a suction throttle valve, and is mostly installed in high-end cars. The main difference of the orifice tube circulation system is the installation position of the orifice tube and the accumulator, which are mostly used in middle and low-end cars.

The room air conditioner is fixed in one place, has a special external environment, and has good heat insulation. Therefore, the heating and cooling required by the unit air-conditioning area of ​​the room cannot be used to estimate the heating and cooling of the car. The cooling load of the car air conditioner is much larger than that of the room air conditioner. Most of the air sent by the room air conditioner is the return air from the room, and the proportion of fresh air introduced from the outside is relatively small, generally accounting for about 15% of the air supply. The space of the car is extremely small, and the passenger capacity is relatively dense.

In addition to having enough fresh air, except for a short and rapid display, 100% fresh air must be used, that is, all the air sent from the air conditioner comes from the outside world. For cars with good airtightness, special exhaust vents must be provided, otherwise it will affect people’s health.

In a non-independent car air conditioning system in which the refrigeration compressor is driven by a car engine through a pulley, the engine speed is constantly changing, and its idling speed is generally 4-5 times different from the speed at high speed, and the speed of the compressor also follows. The difference is several times, which is very different from the refrigeration system in which the compressor driven by the AC motor basically maintains a constant speed.

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