Every related product from auto parts to automobiles has given certain technical power


Brand-name cars use genuine lubricating oil technology, production and products with high technical content. The quality requirements of lubricating oil products are strict. Only large lubricating oil manufacturers can guarantee the depth of base oil refining. The selection of additives and oil formulations Research and product quality assurance require a huge investment of funds to ensure that each car is provided with high-quality lubricants and that each car can run normally. The technology of China’s automobile industry is constantly developing towards high, new and cutting-edge technology. It has done a lot of work to create automobile brand names, strengthen automobile pre-sales, sales and after-sales services, and ensure the use performance of automobiles, from automobile parts to automobile related products. They have given a certain degree of technical force and strictly controlled them. Some automobile production plants are managed by the technical center, some are checked by the craftsmanship, and some are picked up from the source of the design department and issued various fuel “passport certificates”. It is very necessary to attach great importance to the control of automobile oil (fat).

Due to the fierce competition between the automobile market and the lubricant market, the price war in the automobile market has affected the competitive price reduction of lubricants (grease). Some lubricant blending plants that do not have the ability to produce, research, and evaluate lubricants use low-cost and high-end products. The use of lubricating oil products without quality assurance should attract the attention of automobile manufacturers and users. In order to ensure the quality of the car, to create a brand-name car, and to make the car safe and long-lived, please use the blood of the car engine and transmission system? Genuine lubricants.

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