*Facilities for connecting new types of car body information power supply

Through a comprehensive analysis of many related factors that cause locomotive signal failures, it is concluded that the normal use of locomotive signals is mainly as follows: locomotive power supply fluctuates, locomotive power inverter output noise is large; o locomotive power supply is easy to ground, power supply Strong pulse interference; affected by the high temperature of the locomotive environment and lack of complete protection functions.

Technical improvement measures According to the current development of domestic switching power supply technology, a new integrated locomotive signal power supply device has been researched and developed. It is an inverter regulated power supply designed for power supply of locomotive signal equipment. Its working principle is: the input power is first isolated by a high-frequency pulse transformer, and then high-frequency rectification, smoothing and filtering, voltage stabilization control, overvoltage and overcurrent are carried out. And function control such as short circuit protection, * final output 50V DC voltage with excellent performance. The specific working process of this power supply device.

Principle block diagram of integrated locomotive signal power supply device Input unstable 110V DC power from the locomotive, first pass through the anti-interference network composed of multiple inductance elements, and then supply power to the inverter. The inverter of the power supply device adopts a dual push-pull inverter circuit, and the power device adopts a high-power VMOS tube, which can provide larger power and higher conversion efficiency. The high-frequency pulse generated by the inverter is full-wave rectified and smoothed and filtered by a network composed of multiple groups of inductance elements to output a high-performance 50V DC voltage that meets the requirements to provide power to the locomotive signal equipment.

The voltage sampling, voltage stabilization control, output over-current, over-voltage protection and output short-circuit protection of this power supply and other functions are all completed by the JW01-1 thick film module. The thick film component can meet the high performance requirements of the locomotive signal for the power supply. The output overcurrent and overvoltage values ​​can be fine-tuned through device adjustment to meet the different requirements of field applications.

In addition, in order to ensure the normal operation of the locomotive signal equipment, especially the extremely high requirements of the passenger car on the reliability of the locomotive signal, a backup power supply system is set in the locomotive signal power supply device. When the main power supply fails unexpectedly, it will automatically switch to the backup power supply. On the system, the backup power system at this time becomes the 50V inverter power supply provided by the locomotive itself. This emergency function ensures the uninterrupted power supply of the locomotive signal. After the main power supply is normal, it will automatically switch back from the backup power system, and the conversion time is less than 0.5s, which will not affect the continuous and reliable operation of the locomotive signal host.

Considering that the locomotive signal power supply should have a wider range of versatility, the power supply is increased to 80W in the development, which can meet the requirements of different types of locomotive signal equipment. It is not only suitable for digital locomotive signal host, but also can meet the existing requirements. The use of locomotive signal equipment improves versatility.

In order to make the integrated locomotive signal power supply have perfect safety and reliability, the power supply has added over-voltage, over-current and short-circuit protection functions. When overcurrent occurs, it can protect the circuit of the power supply device; when overvoltage, it protects the signal host and load equipment; when the output is short-circuited, the power supply can be automatically turned off (the fuse is not blown), and the power supply device can automatically restore power after the short circuit is eliminated.

The technical indicators of the three protection functions are as follows. 1. Overcurrent protection. Input 110V, output overcurrent ≥2.8A, the input voltage will gradually drop, after the output current <2.8A, the output voltage will return to 50V. 2. Overvoltage protection. Input 110V, output overvoltage, overvoltage protection value ≤60V. 3. Short circuit protection. Input 110V, output 50V, output short circuit for a few minutes, power supply will be restored automatically after the short circuit is eliminated, and the power supply device is normal.

The application effect integrated locomotive signal power supply has been used in the Jingshan Line, Beijing-Guangzhou Line, Beijing-Kowloon Line and Jingyuan Line, and has been used on SJ-93, SJ-94 and microelectronic mainframes. It is proved that the power supply has Very good ability to resist locomotive power supply fluctuations, power pulse interference and power supply grounding. It has fundamentally changed the situation in the past in the use of locomotive signal equipment, where dispatch commands were requested due to failures such as code loss of locomotive signal lights, and the situation where locomotive signal equipment was affected by locomotive power fluctuation interference and grounding.

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