Feature Of The Diamond Heart Mousse Silicone Cake Mold Trays

Feature Of The Diamond Heart Mousse silicone Cake Mold Trays

This Diamond chocolate heart mold that Well Made silicone Material that sturdy and flexible to use, dust resistant, reusable, non-stick , with 2 hammers that strong enough to break the heart

Easy to use and easy to clean, also easy to store it in your kitchen, It can be applied within the temperature between -40℉ – 230℉

With the unique 3D heart diamond shape dessert Silicone mold and good size to make a cute and out of your expected pretty heart and comes out so easily

This heart mold that creates a beautiful heart smash cake for your families and Friends to enjoy happiness time with you them

This heart chocolate mold perfect for making unique and beautiful cake decoration, mousse, bread, chocolate, jelly, fondant, pretty candy, ice cream and so on. Especially it is good assistant use in Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas

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