Features and application scope of CNC machine tools

1. Strong adaptability, suitable for multi-variety, single-piece and small-batch parts processing,
To process a new part on an ordinary machine tool, it is often necessary to re-adjust the machine tool and replace “hardware” such as new tools, measuring tools, fixtures or molds. When processing different parts on a cnc machine tool, you only need to reprogram or modify the processing program-“software” to process different workpieces. The cnc machine tool greatly shortens the production and technical preparation time. The adaptability is very strong. Therefore, It is suitable for the processing of multi-variety, single-piece and small-batch parts.
2. The machining accuracy is high, and the multi-axis linkage can realize the interpolation movement of the scum contour, which is suitable for the machining of high-precision and complex-shaped parts.
As the main drive and feed drive of CNC machine tools use DC or AC servo motors, stepless speed regulation can be achieved. It greatly simplifies the position error caused by the transmission error, which can be compensated by the measuring device and the numerical control device, so the CNC machine tool has a higher processing accuracy. For medium and small CNC machine tools, the positioning accuracy can generally reach 0.02 mm, and the repeat positioning accuracy can reach 0.01-0.005 mm. The automatic processing method of the CNC machine tool avoids the operation error caused by the artificial dry lake. The consistency of the same batch of processed parts is very good, and the processing quality is very stable. CNC machine tools generally have tool radius compensation and length compensation functions, which can easily eliminate workpiece size errors caused by tool wear and tool adjustment errors, and improve workpiece machining accuracy. CNC machine tools can manually change the structure and shape of scum parts. Complete or automatic programming, the machine tool can perform multi-axis linkage or multi-dimensional interpolation. Therefore, CNC machine tools are suitable for the processing of high-precision, shaped scum parts, which are unmatched by ordinary machine tools.
3. It greatly reduces the manual labor of workers, and is suitable for the processing of more and concentrated parts.
The machining of parts by CNC machine tools is automatically completed according to the programmed program. Workers only need to adjust the machine tool, install the parts, press the automatic cycle start button, and the machine tool can automatically process. After the parts are processed, the machine tool will automatically stop. , The parts can be installed at one time to complete multiple procedures. In particular, the machining center can perform multi-station and multi-process automatic processing. In ordinary machine tool processing, workers have to perform heavy and repetitive manual operations and workpiece measurement.
4. Has higher processing productivity and lower processing costs
The machining productivity of a machine tool mainly refers to the time required to process a part, and the machining time includes the excitement time and the auxiliary time. The spindle speed and feed speed of the CNC machine tool have a large range and can be steplessly adjusted. The best cutting speed and feed speed can be selected during processing, and the cutting with constant rotation speed or constant cutting speed can be carried out. On the premise of ensuring the quality of the workpiece and the certain service life of the tool, the cutting can be used as much as possible. The good structural rigidity allows the CNC machine tool to perform strong cutting and cutting. The rapid movement and positioning of the moving parts of the CNC machine tool adopts acceleration and deceleration measures, and a high idle stroke movement speed is selected. The idle stroke and positioning time of the trumpet is much less than that of ordinary machine tools, which effectively saves auxiliary time. Because the CNC machine tool has a measuring system, it is often possible to save the time of marking when machining parts. Horizontal boring and Milling Machine. After the parts are installed on the machine tool, the adjustment and inspection time during the part processing can be reduced. CNC machine tool processing parts generally do not need to make models, templates, cams, drilling membranes, boring membranes and other process equipment. It greatly saves the cost of tooling and production technology preparation time. The CNC machine tool has stable machining accuracy and low scrap rate, which also further reduces the production cost. Therefore, CNC machine tools are suitable for processing parts with medium and small batches, requiring good consistency, and parts that need to be designed and manufactured on ordinary machine tools with more labor, cards, and measuring tools.
5. Conducive to the realization of modern management of mechanical processing
CNC machine tool processing can accurately calculate or automatically record single-piece processing man-hours and total processing man-hours. Realize statistics and management of semi-finished products. It can realize the centralized control and management (DNC) of several or a dozen CNC machine tools by a central computer, and realize the mechanical processing such as computer-aided design (CAD), computer-aided production (CAM), computer-aided quality supervision (CAQ), etc. Modern integrated manufacturing system.

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