Features of servo hydraulic press

The servo Hydraulic Press is mainly composed of a frame, a machine head, a worktable, a servo motor, a push rod, a pressure plate and a control switch. The machine head is cantilevered on the upper part of the frame, and the servo motor is installed vertically on the machine head. The lower end of the servo motor is coaxially connected to the push rod, and the pressure plate is installed at the lower end of the push rod. The ball screw is coaxially connected to the push rod, and a control switch is installed symmetrically on the outside of the workbench corresponding to the pressure plate, and the control switch is a linked two-hand start button.

The features of  servo hydraulic press are as follows:

  • 1. The fuselage adopts the traditional arch structure, which is similar to the traditional mechanical punching machine, the structure is simple and compact, the floor space is small, and the operation is convenient.
  • 2. The main cylinder is a piston-type oil cylinder with a fast cylinder inside, which can realize high-speed downward movement and slow-speed suppression. Increase productivity.
  • 3. Friendly man-machine interface, 200 groups of parameter programs can be accessed at will.
  • 4. The upper part of the fuselage is equipped with a precision positioning device, a mechanical dead limit, and a servo adjustment device.
  • 5. The precision positioning device is driven by a servo motor. The positioning accuracy is 0.01mm.
  • 6. The electrical system adopts PLC+servo system+touch screen+proportional drive, and cooperates with the proportional hydraulic system to issue instructions in accordance with the process requirements to complete the machine’s process cycle action.
  • 7. The pressure is detected by a pressure sensor, and the machine pressure can be set arbitrarily.
  • 8. The position is positioned by the electronic ruler, and the stroke position can be set arbitrarily. High-precision positioning adopts mechanical dead limit, the theoretical positioning accuracy is ±0.01mm, and the actual positioning accuracy is 0.01-0.02mm.
  • 9. The oil cylinder is of the upper oil cylinder type. When the stamping slider is working, it is pressed from top to bottom, the lower die is stationary, and the upper die is pressed.
  • 10. Automatic feeding of mobile worktable.

Servo hydraulic press is one of the important equipment in the manufacturing industry. It is also the main forming equipment in modern information products, machinery, electronics, instruments and other industries. Traditional presses have disadvantages such as small process possibility, complex structure, and difficult manufacturing. With the development of the machining field and the improvement of forming technology, the development of presses is moving towards high efficiency, high precision, high processing quality and flexible manufacturing. . The servo hydraulic press combines the advantages of traditional presses such as easy operation and stable work, and makes full use of the controllability and digitization of the servo motor, which greatly improves the automation, flexibility and processing range of the press.

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