Focusing on 2021 CISES, Aixin Yuanzhiqiu Xiao Xin explained in detail that AI technology brings new opportunities for ISP development

Recently, the two-day China International semiconductor Executive Summit (CISES) was successfully held in Shanghai. As one of the largest annual events in the semiconductor manufacturing industry in the world, the summit focuses on new developments, new trends and new products in the industry, and is committed to providing high-end products for the industry. Policy makers and important people provide an international cooperation and exchange platform, so that they can quickly understand the major markets and the government’s future plans for semiconductor manufacturing, and expand a broader business platform.

At the 2021 CISES Artificial Intelligence Forum, Dr. Xiaoxin Qiu, founder and CEO of Aichip, delivered a keynote speech on “The Road to Differentiated Development of Artificial Intelligence Vision Chips”, explaining in detail Aichip’s high-performance, low-power artificial intelligence processor chips , and shared the important role of 5G, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, augmented reality/virtual reality and other technologies in the development of the semiconductor industry.

“The applications of edge-side and device-side artificial intelligence have become more and more popular, and the application of artificial intelligence algorithms has also become very common.” Qiu Xiaoxin said that AI capabilities are gradually shifting from the cloud to the edge and device sides. AI algorithms It has gradually become lightweight, and some intelligent processing can be done using the limited computing power on the edge side and the end side. Therefore, while the demand for end-side AI is increasing, how to maximize the AI ​​capability under the condition that the cost and power consumption are completely controllable has become a common issue of the smart chip industry.

All-round application of AI technology to explore more possibilities of artificial intelligence chips

Founded in May 2019, Aixinyuanzhi focuses on the research and development of AI SOC chips in the field of image and video processing, mainly used in the terminal and edge sides. At present, Aixin Yuanzhi has developed two artificial intelligence vision processing chips. Among them, the first self-developed chip AX630A has been officially shipped, and the second chip AX620A has also been successfully lit in July 2021. At present, the market promotion work is being carried out steadily.

At this meeting, Dr. Xiaoxin Qiu introduced to the guests in detail how Aixin Yuanzhi intelligently upgrades traditional ISPs in the process of chip R&D and manufacturing, as well as the specific application of AI in traditional ISP hardware, and shared his love Other achievements that Chipwise has achieved in technology research and development.

According to Qiu Xiaoxin, on the mobile phone, the ISP is “responsible for” converting the Electronic signal input by the transmitter into a concrete image, so the quality of the image is closely related to the quality of the ISP. Yuanzhi will AIize the four most influential modules, HDR, 3D noise reduction, RLTM, and Demosaic, so that ISP can achieve optimal processing and provide better promotion for subsequent applications.

“But in fact, in order to achieve the best results expected, AI ISP is not enough, it also needs to cooperate with effective high NPU utilization.” Qiu Xiaoxin said, “Aixin Yuanzhi has the industry-leading mixed precision NPU, With the industry-leading advantages of high computing power, low power consumption, and high computing power utilization, in addition to the subversive design of AI ISP, in order to support AI ISP to better achieve image quality effects, we also The NPU has been completely redesigned.” Under the joint architecture of its own ISP and NPU, Aixin Yuanzhi’s products can greatly improve the image quality of many key modules in traditional ISP, reduce the demand for DDR, and at the same time make the NPU’s The performance is improved to more than 50%.

Empowering thousands of industries and accelerating industrial intelligence

In addition to constantly seeking breakthroughs in technology, Aixin Yuanzhi also quickly landed in product research and development. At present, its two products, AX630A and AX620A, both maintain a leading edge in the industry. Through the advantages of high computing power, low power consumption, and high computing power utilization, they can provide partners with full-stack solutions to meet the needs of customers in different scenarios. product demand.

Not only that, but based on the vertical integration of algorithms, chips and products, Aicine’s products can be widely used in different fields such as smart cities, smart retail, smart communities, smart homes, IoT devices, etc., to help customers realize the rapid implementation of the latest technologies. . As Qiu Xiaoxin said: “AI is not limited to face recognition and object detection… We believe that AI can subvert traditional technologies to a large extent. For example, ISPs can undergo unexpected changes under the transformation of AI technology, and this is just the beginning. , we will continue to explore the difference that AI brings to traditional technology.”

In the future, with the popularization of the artificial intelligence market and the acceleration of application landing, more and more deployments will be transferred to the edge side and the end side. With the development goal of becoming a leader in edge-side artificial intelligence chips, through independent innovation, it provides users with a powerful AI basic computing power platform, and provides edge-side and end-side support for the world’s digital and intelligent new infrastructure.

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