France announces second phase of AI development strategy

According to the official website of the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation on November 8, on the same day, the French Minister of Higher Education Vidal and the Secretary of State for Digital Transformation Cedric Ou jointly announced the second phase of the national artificial intelligence at the French start-up technology business incubator Station F. Development strategy, 5-year total budget of 2.2 billion euros, of which 1.5 billion euros come from public funds. The strategy sets three goals: accelerating capacity building in artificial intelligence, making France a leader in highly trusted embedded artificial intelligence, and accelerating the use of artificial intelligence in the economy.

France announces second phase of AI development strategy

In addition, the French government also hopes to strengthen the interaction between training, research and supervision, and retain talents by funding research, so as to avoid repeating the mistakes of domestic talents who end up working in foreign companies.

Since the introduction of the first phase of artificial intelligence strategy in France in March 2018, the annual national and local funding amount has increased from 170 million euros in 2018 to more than 1 billion euros in 2021, creating 502 artificial intelligence start-ups, an increase from 2020 11%, achieving financing of 1.6 billion euros and creating 13,000 direct jobs. The French government expects 10,000 new jobs in the sector next year.

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