Frontline launches new PCB process planning solution

InFlow is an automated comprehensive engineering software solution that sets a new standard for operational efficiency

News from March 15, 2021-Orbotech’s Frontline company today released its product InFlow™, a powerful, automated, and comprehensive engineering software solution for PCB (printed circuit board) manufacturers. InFlow can achieve full coverage of the entire engineering process, reducing planning time by up to 60%, which can greatly shorten the time to market, even under the highest design complexity and output requirements. Orbotech is affiliated to KLA Corporation (NASDAQ: KLAC).

Through its complete automation, the InFlow system can produce standardized, high-quality, and accurate manufacturing guidelines. For operators of any level of experience, it can increase productivity and shorten time to market. Through its built-in CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) graphics editor, InFlow can also reduce the dependence on CAM resources and support the editing of material numbers in the engineering system. It also has standardized automatic checklists and traceability reports, which can shorten the engineering inquiry cycle before manufacturing.

“PCB manufacturers are facing an increasing demand for high-speed, high-complexity circuit boards,” said Orit Karlin, Director of Frontline CAM and Engineering Research and Development. “The InFlow products we have developed can be used to meet these needs, and greatly accelerate the time to market and the pre-production process. As a fully automated solution, InFlow can ensure that even inexperienced engineers can be very challenging Under the background of the project and technology, deliver standardized, high-quality output.”

lnFlow is based on Frontline’s 25 years of experience and expertise in the field of PCB production and process planning, based on the company’s in-depth understanding of the industry, and based on the company’s technological leadership in the CAM and engineering software market. As Frontline’s automated PCB engineering system, InFlow is part of Frontline’s world-leading integrated software solution series. It can automate the entire pre-production process of PCB manufacturing, from quotation preparation to process planning and CAM, and then all the way to the production workshop.

Frontline InFlow™ automated PCB engineering system can automate the entire pre-production process of PCB manufacturing

About Orbo

Orbo Technology Co., Ltd. is now affiliated to KLA Corporation, a leading global supplier in the field of enhanced output and technology for Electronic product production solutions. Orbotech can provide cutting-edge solutions for the manufacture of printed circuit boards (PCB) and flat panel displays (FPDs), as well as software for PCB computer-aided manufacturing (CAM), engineering and industry 4.0.

Orbotech’s solutions aim to achieve mass production of next-generation innovative electronic products and improve the cost-effectiveness of current and future electronic product production processes.

About KLA

KLA mainly develops industry-leading equipment and services to promote innovation in the entire electronics industry. We are committed to advanced process control and process realization solutions, covering manufacturing wafers and reticles, integrated circuits, packaging, printed circuit boards and flat panel displays. In close cooperation with the world’s leading customers, our team of physicists, engineers, data scientists and problem solving experts design solutions that drive the world forward.

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