Fushun Aluminum held a special working meeting for all-element benchmarking

On August 23, Fushun Aluminum held a special working meeting for all-element benchmarking in July. Company leaders Wang Qun, Zhang Kening, Zhang Dezhi, assistant general manager Sun Yufei, heads of various units and related business personnel attended the meeting.

At the meeting, the Ministry of Safety, Environment and Security reported the company’s production and operation, product quality, equipment operation, safety and environmental protection in July, focusing on analyzing the gap between the company’s production costs and benchmarking enterprises and the company’s annual budget indicators, and targeted A special comparative analysis of the company’s main technology, quality, energy, equipment indicators, raw material prices and unit consumption, and the cost of each production unit was carried out to find out the shortcomings of each link, and put forward suggestions and suggestions for improvement. Each unit successively reported its benchmarking situation and next work plan.

Zhang Kening, Zhang Dezhi, Sun Yufei put forward specific work on continuing to strengthen internal management, expand raw material procurement channels, optimize raw material ratios, reduce accounting unit boundaries, in-depth benchmark design indicators, give full play to personnel advantages, improve labor productivity, and strengthen brand awareness. Require.

Wang Qun fully affirmed the achievements of each unit in solving actual production problems, realizing the optimization of anode cost and indicators, and achieving the best levels in history with multiple indicators. Wang Qun requested that, first, we must clearly recognize the gaps and deficiencies, carefully analyze the reasons and take effective measures to solve them; second, focus on reducing the cost of raw materials, from ex-factory prices to logistics, step by step, and take multiple measures to optimize costs; third, we must further plan Small accounting unit, further in-depth analysis and benchmarking of energy and logistics costs; fourth, to ensure and optimize the treatment effect of environmental protection equipment and facilities; fifth, to accelerate the promotion of investment promotion, three system reforms, and the resumption of production of old lines, and optimize personnel flow . All units must work together to become stronger and better, value-oriented, reform to promote improvement, and actual results to be heroes, and strive to build Fulv into a high-quality anode production base for Chinalco, and strive to be a leader in the development of Chinalco’s carbon industry. Vanguard”.

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