Give our love to Baixi ,Your are not alone

July 16,2013 ,There is a Baixi donation ceremony held in our company ! Baixi is a poor country in Sichuan provice .The sponsor of Baixi education foundation is Miss jasmine .At the beginning of activity , Miss jasmine is simple introduction for us .From the photo which is taken by Baixi education foundation staff ,we can know the people live in slum with old chothes .The food is potato without rice . Many children can not go to school .I can not believe my eyes .Baixi is so poor . Our general manager Mr Liu want to help the children go to school .On this donation ceremony , Our general manager Mr Liu donate six children .We believe that As long as the everyone dedicate a love, the world will become a warm room . Give our hand to some who need help .

 Miss jasmine introduce the Baixi

The donation

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