HARMAN Announces Smart Software HARMAN Turbo Connect: Predicts and Mitigates Connected Vehicle Issues While Driving

HARMAN International has released a new intelligent software, HARMAN TurboConnect (TBOT), that predicts and mitigates vehicle connectivity issues while driving. TBOT is the latest solution in HARMAN’s connected vehicle portfolio, addressing today’s demand for high-speed connectivity and low latency, especially when used with 5G-enabled technologies such as HARMAN’s Smart Panel Antennas, as well as 5G and 5G -ready telematics control unit (TCU).

As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Samsung Electronics, Harman International designs, manufactures and provides various types of connected automotive systems, audio and video products, enterprise automation solutions and IoT technology services for the global automotive market, mass consumer market and professional fields.

Vishnu Sundaram, Senior Vice President, Connected Vehicle Products at HARMAN, said: “One of the fundamental elements of all cars on the road today is to be connected. By applying the TBOT solution to the vehicle, we can predict poor network connectivity. Alleviate streaming or latency issues before drivers and passengers even notice the problem. Music streaming runs smoothly and navigation functions smoothly even in areas with weak network communications , the conference call will be held as normal.”

With improved performance through 5G, HARMAN’s TBOT technology offers drivers a number of benefits, including:

●Enhancing user experience: The HARMAN TBOT solution predicts and optimizes available connection options to meet the bandwidth and latency requirements of live streaming, gaming and other applications. This provides occupants with an uninterrupted connected experience, saving money and energy.

●Further cost reduction: TBOT can predict network conditions in advance, and by increasing downloads in free or low-cost network areas, prepare for entering high-cost network areas and reduce data consumption costs.

●Reduce energy consumption: The TBOT solution can enhance vehicle parameters such as battery life by optimizing performance and turning off the transmission and reception functions in the state of no networking, thereby allowing electric vehicles and traditional fuel vehicles to reduce energy use, enhance battery life, and reduce user concerns. Range anxiety for electric vehicles.

Vehicles and users benefit from the HARMAN TBOT solution, which runs on TCUs, roadside nodes, Edge networks, and cloud platforms. It can adjust parameters, adapt to the functional characteristics of the device, and initiate communication within the ecosystem.

Harman’s TBOT solution is just one of many technological advancements enabled by 5G networking, which will increase the speed of in-vehicle communications and reduce various types of delays. HARMAN’s 5G Connected Vehicle components also include 5G-ready TCUs that provide scalable mobile network connectivity for connected vehicles using 4G networks today or in the future using faster 5G networks.

HARMAN is also offering an optional feature for its TCUs, a 5G-ready multi-band panel antenna. Since cars are equipped with multiple wireless services, each requiring a dedicated antenna, HARMAN’s flat panel antennas, which can integrate up to 14 antennas, were the obvious choice. The flat-panel antenna is mounted below the top surface of the body, which is more aesthetically pleasing and more aerodynamically efficient. Flat-panel antennas replace the shark fin antennas of the early 2000s, allowing for a cleaner and more aesthetically pleasing roof, allowing designers to design future-proof pieces. When integrated with the Harman TCU, the smart panel antenna also improves communication performance and system stability. Using a flat panel antenna is also more convenient for factory installation.

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