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Quality Honesty Responsibility is the main group culture for China MOULD.
Quality is most important to alll the mould manufatcuring companies,
but metality is the key to open one good caree for high qulaity mould manufacturers.
To China mould suppliers, how to make high metality mold? and how is high metality mold. Fast cycle molds?
Easy maintainass molds?high performance molds? China will give you one answer.
One good mould shuld stand on the customer’s side,
What customer concerned is what we need to achieve,
Usually, Customers will look at the 3 aspects:
1.       high performance mould manufactring
The injection mold will have very good design for high quality,
Reasonable mould structure, have very smooth production,
2.       maximize profit
a: The mould should have the most reasonable dimension and suggested injection machine,
 Because so large mould deminsion and bigger injection machine, it will take some energy waste.
b: The most suitable mould design, for example, the choice for hot runner and cold runner,
We have met one order before. We design the mould as 3 plate mould,
As we know 3 plate mould, there will have one material runner,
customer send us 2 kinds of material runner, one is 39g, one is 19g, in the same mould, the difference is very big,
So, different deisgn metality will lead to different profit result
3.       Easy maintainass for high metality mould
High metality mould manufacturing should consider after sales maintainass,
For some multi cavity moulds, all the standard parts should be interchangable, and the mould should be easy operated.
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Miss Sonia

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