How long does it take for forging and quenching of wrought aluminum alloy

Wrought aluminum alloy belongs to a class of deformable aluminum alloy profiles, numbered LD. Containing aluminum-magnesium-silicon-copper deformable aluminum alloy profiles and aluminum-magnesium-silicon deformable aluminum alloy profiles, the key is steel castings with complex shapes.

How long does the quenching time of wrought aluminum alloy take

Magnesium and silicon can produce strengthening phase Mg2Si; copper can improve heat treatment characteristics and produce strengthening phase Cu4Mg5Si4Al; manganese can avoid overheating during heating. Wrought aluminum alloys are mostly used in heat treatment and artificial aging. Artificial aging should be carried out immediately after the heat treatment, otherwise the actual effect will be reduced and strengthened. The key models are LD2 and so on. Forged aluminum alloy has low compressive strength at high temperature and good thermosetting properties. It can be forged and processed into steel castings and die forgings with various shapes, and it can also be cold rolled into plates or other aluminum profiles. The key is used for aircraft parts.

The original production process of wrought aluminum alloy and its existing problems

1. Material and technical standards

After the steel castings of the guide impeller and the compressor centrifugal impeller are heat-treated and tempered + quenched and tempered, a test piece of the same furnace or the same specifications as the actual product is taken for physical performance experiment.

2. The original production process

Application machinery and equipment: RJJ-75-6. Furnace installed capacity: 24 pieces of guide impeller per furnace, 12 pieces per furnace of compressor centrifugal impeller. Heat transfer time is less than 30s, and artificial aging will be carried out immediately after heat treatment.

3. Existing problems

The heat treatment process is easy to heat insulation for a long time, and each furnace must be solved three times. If the power supply system is anxious, it will continue to cause product quality problems due to half-way power failure. In addition, the power consumption is high. According to the calculation of the parts required for each diesel engine, the power consumption of the heat treatment process of these two commodities in the whole year is 32778kW/h.

Forged aluminum alloy production process heat treatment heat insulation time

The length of the forged aluminum thermal insulation time is determined by the time required for the complete melting of the reinforcing phase. The editor of Transit Aluminum proposes to reduce it as much as possible under the precondition of considering heat treatment regulations, so that finer crystals can be obtained. Generally speaking, when the aluminum alloy profile is heat-treated, every 25mm is reasonably thin and thick for 1h. The reasonable thickness of the guide impeller is 65mm, and the reasonable thickness of the centrifugal impeller of the compressor is 54mm. According to the analysis of the reasonable thickness and deformation level of the product, the original processing technology has too long heat insulation time, which can be completely reduced.

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