How to clean carpet


Many people are very distressed about cleaning the carpet in the car. Not only is the carpet easy to get dirty, but some car carpets are integrated with the car body, and it is not easy to disassemble, so how to clean it?

In this regard, 4S shop maintenance experts said that placing movable foot pads in the car is the best. Under normal circumstances, if the foot pads are not too dirty, just take it outside the car and pat it, and you can also use a brush to vacuum. The machine removes dust. But if there are some hard-to-wash stains on the carpet, you can use special detergents available on the market to solve them. These detergents do not need to soak the carpet in water and can be directly “cleaned”. Generally, the effect is good.

According to experts, before using detergent, you need to dust the carpet first, then spray an appropriate amount of detergent, wash it with a brush, and wipe off the excess detergent with a clean rag, so that the washed carpet can be used. It is clean and soft as before.

*It should be noted that the carpet should not be completely soaked and scrubbed in water. On the one hand, it will destroy the bonding of several layers of different materials inside the carpet. Moist inside.

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