How to distinguish bushing and shaft sleeve

1、 Different functions:

1. The shaft sleeve plays the role of sliding bearing, fixing and positioning.

2. The bushing is used outside the mechanical parts to achieve the functions of sealing and wear protection.

2、 Different material requirements:

1. Shaft sleeve: it is required to have low hardness and wear resistance. The inner hole of the shaft sleeve can achieve high matching accuracy after grinding and scraping. There must be an oil groove of lubricating oil on the inner wall.

2. Bushing: soft metal, rubber, nylon and non-metallic polymer, etc., the texture of these materials is relatively soft, Zhidao price cost is low. In all kinds of bad working environment, the Bush bears vibration, friction and corrosion to protect the wrapped parts. After damage, it is convenient to replace, low cost and good economy.

3、 Different applications:

Bushing: packaging machinery, textile machinery, mining machinery, metallurgical machinery, printing machinery, tobacco machinery, forging machinery, all kinds of machine bed and interchange mechanical transmission connection.

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