How to identify the in-mold needle with good quality

The back mold needle is one of the more common plastic mold accessories on the market. The service life of the good quality back mold needle and the normal quality back mold needle is different. So when choosing a mold thimble, there should be certain criteria for judgment. The following editor will introduce which points are the reference for purchasing the needle in the back mold.
Generally, the inner needles in the rear mold of good quality will be sprayed with anti-rust agent as needed to prevent rust when they are produced, and they have wear-resistant characteristics after strict nitriding treatment. In this way, the needle in the back mold is resistant to wear and has good corrosion resistance.
After strict production control, the back mold needle will have a fine shape. And such precision back mold inner needles are produced in precision molds, which can reduce mold loss and save costs for users.
The back mold needle undergoes repeated heating and cooling cycles during processing, so the back mold needle of good quality must have very good heat resistance and thermal fatigue resistance, and still maintain its own High hardness and dimensional accuracy to avoid deformation.
Good quality rear mold needles must have the characteristics of wear resistance, high temperature resistance, fine shape, and strong resistance to alternating heat and cold. And the manufacturers of rear mold needles that produce good quality rear mold needles must have certain characteristics. Strength!
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