How to solve the problem of CNC quality and the quality of all-round control products

Why is there a quality problem with cnc machining? This is a question that many CNC processors have come up with, and they have made great efforts in many details but still have problems with product quality.

(1) The problems before product development are not handled well, and the throughput rate of production is too low. It is hoped that by means of quality fire fighting, it is necessary to increase the frequency of testing to reduce defective or unqualified products;(2) Adding reworked materials and unqualified materials, but without prior testing and verification, there is no accurate awareness of product quality fluctuations;(3) The customer urges the goods to be applied, and the pressure is applied. The boss speaks according to his own so-called actual experience. For products that are not in the standard range, special release is implemented, which leads to product problems;(4) The industry has improved the quality standards of the products, and the company still produces according to the original standards.(5) Non-human quality problems occur in the production process, but not in the detection frequency range, etc.
Finding the problem and solving the problem How to control the quality of CNC processed products in all aspects?
 Dongguan Lemo Precision Metal Products Co.,Ltd will share some experiences in this area for you.
(1) Establishing quality is the lifeblood consciousness of the enterprise, and realizing that product quality is the lifeblood of CNC processing manufacturers
(2) Establish a sense of prevention of quality, the quality of the product is produced and designed, not by inspection
(3) Establish a sense of responsibility for quality and improve the management system to prevent problems in this area
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