Huawei applied for the next-generation folding screen mobile phone Mate V trademark, can mass production and finally no need to rush for goods?

It is reported that Huawei recently applied for the Mate V trademark at the European Union Intellectual Property Office. It is speculated that Mate V is likely to be the trademark of Huawei’s new series of folding screens.

It is understood that the trademark of Huawei Mate V is classified into Class 9, which includes the following categories: smartphones; mobile phones; telephones; devices for recording, transmitting or reproducing sound and images; fluorescent screen smartphone cases; battery chargers; Laptops; Tablets; Tablet Covers; Humanoid Robotic Computer Hardware with Artificial Intelligence; Computer Software Applications; Smart Glasses Smart Watches; Virtual Reality Headsets; Speakers.

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It is reported that Huawei will apply this trademark to the new folding screen mobile phone launched at the end of this year, and will use it as the name of the new product. That is to say, Huawei will launch a new series of folding screen mobile phones, and compared to the X, which is full of unknowns, the new V series may be able to achieve mass production.

On the other hand, Huawei has also previously obtained a design patent that shows a similar folding method to the Samsung Galaxy Fold. This may be the folding form of the new folding screen phone that Huawei will release.

In the future, mobile phones with folding screens will inevitably become popular in the market. However, as far as the current situation is concerned, there are not many manufacturers capable of making folding screen mobile phones well, because folding screens also means that products have very high requirements for screen manufacturing capabilities and bending hinges. This is an ordinary mobile phone. Manufacturers are difficult to achieve.

In addition, Samsung will launch two folding screen mobile phone products in the second half of this year, namely Galaxy Z Flip 5G and Galaxy Z Fold 2, and the two new products have also been certified in China. In addition, many screen factories also have some news that they can mass-produce folding screens. Therefore, in the second half of this year, we may be able to see more foldable screen mobile phone products that can be mass-produced.

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