Human Express cooperates with Junlian Zhixing, Quectel and Qualcomm to create an intelligent in-vehicle experience for the new Gaohe HiPhi X SUV

Qualcomm Technologies announced today that it has partnered with Human Express (Jiangsu) Technology Co., Ltd., Ningbo Junlian Zhixing Technology Co., Ltd., and Shanghai Quectel Communication Technology Co., Ltd. to jointly support HiPhi X in 5G and cellular vehicle networking (C-V2X ) and other innovations in the field of advanced car connection technology – HiPhi X is the first mass-produced and evolvable supercar SUV under Human Express, which will be delivered in batches from May. This is the result of in-depth cooperation between Qualcomm Technologies, Human Express, Junlian Zhixing and Quectel in leading technology fields such as in-vehicle connectivity and C-V2X communications. Gaohe HiPhi X uses Qualcomm Snapdragon? The automotive 5G platform, which integrates C-V2X direct communication, high-precision multi-frequency Global Navigation Satellite System (HP-GNSS), and RF front-end functions that support key frequency bands for mainstream operators around the world, will realize a 5G-enabled in-vehicle experience and become a vehicle for The smart connected car of the future.

Gaohe HiPhi X is the first mass-produced evolvable supercar SUV launched by Gaohe HiPhi, a luxury smart pure electric brand under China Express. A module that incorporates many advanced functions and features. As an industry-leading automotive-grade 5G wireless solution, the Snapdragon Automotive 5G platform is designed to provide powerful performance and support for automotive in-vehicle connected terminals in terms of functions and services. Its integrated C-V2X technology is designed to support high HiPhi X provides 5G and vehicle-to-everything (V2X) services for multiple scenarios including vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) and vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) communication standards. With the concurrent multi-frequency and multi-constellation Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) and Qualcomm Dead Reckoning 3 (QDR3) technologies provided by the Snapdragon Automotive 5G platform and RTK data provided by leading domestic service providers, HiPhi X can provide comprehensive 3D The navigation solution enables optimized high-precision positioning and assists with its Level 3 autonomous driving assistance functions.

Human Express cooperates with Junlian Zhixing, Quectel and Qualcomm to create an intelligent in-vehicle experience for the new Gaohe HiPhi X SUV

Gaohe HiPhi X Appearance

The automatic offline HVP system supported by Gaohe HiPhi X is based on the previous accumulation of vehicle-road collaboration (CVIS) and autonomous driving technology of Human Express, according to the concept of road-side perception, cloud scheduling and vehicle-side control, using road-side sensing system, Through the highly reliable and low-latency 5G-V2X data transmission channel, the HVP system provides vehicles with perception information and cloud scheduling instructions, enabling more advanced autonomous driving capabilities. In addition, with Qualcomm Snapdragon? On the automotive 820A platform, HiPhi X can support a series of rich features such as immersive graphics, multimedia and computer vision, bringing drivers and passengers a higher level of connectivity and a more immersive and smarter in-vehicle experience.

Gaohe HiPhi X interior

Chen Jun, Senior Vice President of Engineering and Vehicle Development of Human Express, said: “HiPhi is a brand new brand created by Human Express in an innovative and disruptive way. We are delighted to partner with Junlian Zhixing, Quectel and Qualcomm Technologies. Leading technology companies and automotive companies with innovative spirit and technological heritage will work together to achieve this milestone and usher in a new era of automotive evolution.”

Wang Min, General Manager of Quectel’s Vehicle Business Unit, said: “In many fields such as the Internet of Vehicles, Quectel has always maintained an innovative, trustworthy and win-win partnership with Qualcomm Technologies. Lianzhixing cooperates to support the Gaohe brand of Human Express, and help it build mass-produced models using the Snapdragon Automotive 5G platform and 5G in-vehicle modules, and promote the transformation of the automotive industry at a time when 5G is rapidly expanding.”

Tu Ke, President of Junlian Zhixing China, said: “Under the profound influence of the digital wave, the intelligent network has brought unprecedented development opportunities to the automotive industry. We are proud that Junlian Zhixing 5G-V2X products can cooperate with Qualcomm Technologies, mobile Yuancom supports Human Express to achieve the world’s first initiative. Junlian Zhixing has been focusing on the research and development and production of products in the fields of intelligent cockpit, intelligent vehicle connection, intelligent cloud, intelligent driving and software value-added services for many years. An intelligent car-connected system supplier for enterprise platform-based orders. We look forward to continuing to deepen cooperation with industry chain partners, continue to develop a new generation of Zhixing technology, and continue to shape people’s intelligent travel.”

Sun Gang, vice president of product marketing at Qualcomm Technologies, said: “Based on nearly 20 years of investment in the automotive field, Qualcomm Technologies is committed to redefining and empowering the next-generation driving experience through key technological innovations. We are delighted to partner with the Chinese automotive industry. Leading enterprises in the chain will lead the development and commercialization of 5G-V2X globally, help intelligent and connected vehicles take a solid step in the 5G era, and share the new round of innovation opportunities brought by the 5G revolution to the global automotive ecosystem.”

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