“Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Magnesium Alloy Material Engineering Research Center” was launched

On August 25, the “Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Magnesium Alloy Material Engineering Research Center” was formally established in Inner Mongolia Huihao Magnesium Industry Co., Ltd. in Guyang County, Inner Mongolia. Xu Jinxiang, Chairman of Magnesium Branch of China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association, Sun Qian, Executive Vice President and Secretary-General, Zhao Jun, Secretary of Guyang County Party Committee, Sun Jie, Chairman of China Investment Huihao Group, and leaders and experts from Inner Mongolia University of Technology and other institutions attended Listing ceremony. Zhao Jun and Xu Jinxiang inaugurated the engineering center. Chang Yichuan, Vice President of CIC Huihao Group and General Manager of Materials Division, presided over the listing ceremony.

Magnesium Alloy Material Engineering Research Center is based on Inner Mongolia Huihao Magnesium Industry Co., Ltd., and is jointly initiated and established by Inner Mongolia University of Technology, Inner Mongolia University of Science and Technology, Taiyuan University of Science and Technology, and Xi’an Aeronautical Institute. In December 2015, it was approved by the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Development and Reform Commission. approve.

It is understood that Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region is one of the important magnesium producing areas in the country, but the development of Inner Mongolia’s magnesium industry is still in the primary processing stage of raw materials, with a single product structure, lack of magnesium alloy material preparation and deep processing, incomplete industrial chain, and weak sustainable development capabilities. . The establishment of a magnesium alloy material engineering research center is conducive to strengthening the integration of production, teaching and research, accelerating the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, rapidly improving the technological research and development capabilities of Inner Mongolia’s magnesium alloy materials, promoting the structural adjustment and transformation and upgrading of the magnesium industry in Inner Mongolia, improving the competitiveness of the magnesium industry, and realizing the sustainability of the magnesium industry , Healthy and rapid development.

At the ceremony, Xu Jinxiang praised the engineering center’s institutional innovation. He said: “The establishment of the Magnesium Engineering Center coincides with the beginning of the 13th Five-Year Plan. In the face of the new normal, the future development goals of the magnesium industry are undergoing new renewal and transformation. The establishment of the Engineering Center coincides with the timing. The tripartite cooperation between enterprises, universities and the government will be a good platform. The integration of China Investment Huihao Magnesium Industry from magnesium smelting to magnesium processing and product research and development is of great significance to the development of the entire magnesium industry chain.” Chang Yichuan introduced this The main development direction of the Magnesium Alloy Engineering Center. It will focus on major technical issues in the transformation and upgrading of the magnesium industry in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, conduct systematic, supporting and engineering research, and provide large-scale complete sets of technologies, standards and processes. Actively develop the autonomous region’s science and technology industry centered on magnesium alloy materials and products, and form the ability to integrate production, education and research, technology, industry and trade, and self-healthy development.

Chang Yichuan said: “The Engineering Center will actively participate in the formulation of corporate magnesium alloy material technology development strategies and technological innovation, as well as the formulation of national standards for the magnesium alloy material industry, technological transformation, technology introduction, and technology development planning. Organize and use domestic and foreign technologies in the industry Information, extensive technical exchanges, a combination of production, teaching and research with universities and research institutes, and establishing long-term and stable cooperative R&D relationships.”

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