Interpretation of the eight technologies of Cummins ISG engine

Lightweight modular design
The modular design concept of   ** has achieved a significant reduction in the number of parts (649 parts), which is more than half the number of common models on the market (1500 parts). The overall assembly of the cylinder head can be realized and the maintenance service is more convenient. The wet cylinder liner can be replaced, which effectively improves the reliability of the engine and reduces the frequency of maintenance. *Light weight, compact appearance, significantly improve load capacity and carrying efficiency. Modular integrated design greatly reduces the frequency of failures, achieves excellent reliability, and saves 50% of maintenance time.
Cummins iBrake brake technology
The iBrake engine braking system adopts the integrated technology of exhaust rocker arm and compression braking, which effectively enhances the braking performance of the engine, shortens the braking time, and makes the braking distance shorter; the braking power can reach 20kW/L, which is higher than that of the exhaust system. The driving efficiency is increased by 50%. Better braking performance ensures that the vehicle can drive safely at a higher speed when downhill. Engine braking without fuel injection can reduce fuel costs, while reducing the cost of brake pads and tire wear or replacement, effectively extending the service life of the brake system and the entire vehicle.
LBSC Cummins Intelligent Speed ​​Control Patent Technology
Intelligent programming setting, each car is like a virtual trainer specially set up to instruct the driver on how to achieve fuel-efficient driving. The engine speed is intelligently controlled according to the operating environment of the vehicle, which can provide excellent fuel consumption and driving performance regardless of smooth driving, downhill or climbing. The driver can shift gears at a lower and more effective engine speed, ensuring that all drivers can drive fuel-efficiently regardless of their driving skills, thereby achieving the best fuel economy.
Unique ultra-high pressure injection technology in the industry
Compared with the industry’s most common injection pressure of 1,600 Pa, this engine has a 2000 Pa ultra-high pressure fuel system, low leakage, and sets a new industry standard. Multi-stage injection can be realized, which can significantly reduce noise. High injection pressure can help better atomize fuel, improve combustion efficiency, and burn more fully. While reducing fuel consumption, it significantly reduces emissions. Low-speed and high-torque provide unparalleled power performance and maximize production efficiency. Excellent low-temperature cold start function: the engine starts at minus 35 degrees without heat assistance, starts easily in 7 seconds, does not emit white smoke, and has low UHC*.
Patented cooling, lubrication technology and air intake system design
The lubrication and cooling system adopts a patented design to achieve high-efficiency performance, effectively shortening the water path and improving cooling performance. The lubrication and cooling system are highly integrated, and the low pressure reduction design is adopted to reduce the kinetic energy consumption. The power consumed by this engine’s water pump operation is only half of that of a 6-liter engine. The high-efficiency intake and exhaust system reduces the power required for air operation, and the internal components are low in weight, reducing power consumption.
Pioneering new technology and new materials
The combination of innovative design and advanced materials greatly reduces the weight of the engine without sacrificing strength and durability. Compared with other competing products, the ISG engine has significantly lower dead weight, and its specific power is 30% higher than that of engines of the same level. The decrease in dead weight means higher cargo capacity, significantly improving carrying efficiency and fuel economy. The synthetic material cover achieves low noise transmission, and No increase in material costs.
The innovative Nanonet? Patented filtration technology
Adopting the spin-on filter with filling device and additives and nano-material composite filter paper, the ISG special filter combines chemical additives, transmission and filtration capabilities into an integrated system, which significantly improves the performance of the engine, oil and filtration system. Performance, combined with Cummins’ unique ultra-high pressure injection technology, combustion chamber optimization control technology, etc., can achieve 100,000 kilometers intervals, the longest in the industry, and greatly improve operating efficiency.
** Green energy efficiency and emission technology
Cummins’ unique intake air treatment, advanced in-cylinder combustion and selective catalytic reduction post-processing technology** integration to ensure that the most stringent emission requirements are met, forward-looking platform development, and meet the requirements of Euro IV/National IV and Euro V/National V Emission standards, and can upgrade Euro VI and off-highway Phase IV technologies on the same platform, with a long product life cycle.

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