Introduction to the daily maintenance of automobile tires

Car owners should keep in mind the precautions in the daily maintenance of car tires: car tires are like human shoes. Their service life is related to their quality, but if they can be used and maintained scientifically and reasonably, their mileage will be greatly increased.

To achieve the air pressure, inflate the tires in accordance with the regulations of the car factory. When the tire pressure is lower than the standard value, the wear of the tire shoulder increases sharply; when the tire pressure is higher than the standard value, the contact area of ​​the tire decreases and the unit pressure increases, which makes the tires The wear of the middle part of the tread increases, and the rigidity of the tire is increased at the same time, so that the dynamic load on the wheel is increased, and the carcass burst is prone to occur.

No cracks on the tread Regularly check the tire surface for cracks, deformation and other defects. Tire grooves gradually become shallow due to driving wear and tear. If they are worn flat, they will lose their drainage and anti-skid effects, and the performance of the car will be greatly reduced. The seemingly small cracks are a hidden danger of tire bursts when driving at high speeds.

In addition, pay attention to clear the small stones in the groove in time. Choose a flat ground to avoid parking the vehicle on a road with thick, sharp or sharp stones. Do not park the vehicle near or in contact with petroleum products, acids and other materials that affect the deterioration of rubber. Do not turn the steering wheel after parking. Do not splash water for heat dissipation. Tyres are prone to overheating when driving for a long time or at high speeds in summer, and the air pressure increases at the same time.

Avoid sudden braking and start too hard, avoid frequent use of brakes and emergency braking; when turning and driving on bad roads, slow down appropriately; when facing unavoidable broken glass, slow down and pass. Don’t brake quickly. The brakes cause the pressure to increase, and glass shards are more likely to get into the tire. Friendly reminder: In the maintenance and use of tires, don’t forget the most important tire-the spare tire. The spare tire is equipped by the manufacturer, but it is often forgotten by the owner under the luggage compartment and lacks maintenance. It is recommended that you check the spare tire regularly every 3 months, and inflate it if necessary, so as not to find it when you need it. It’s flat.

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