“Introduction” to the safety education of CNC lathes should be learned

CNC lathes are mainly used for machining reversal parts such as shafts and discs. After the operation of the numerical control processing program, the cutting processing of the cylindrical surface, the conical surface, the forming surface, the thread and the end surface, etc., can be actively completed, and operations such as grooving, drilling, reaming, and reaming can be performed. The turning center can be installed at one time

More processing procedures are completed in the clip, which improves the processing accuracy and output power, and is especially suitable for the processing of chaotic shape reversal parts.

1. Fundamental matters of safe operation

1. When working, please wear work clothes, safety shoes, work caps and protective glasses, and gloves are not allowed to operate the machine tool.

2. Be careful not to move or damage the warning signs installed on the machine.

3. Be careful not to place obstacles around the machine tool, and the working space should be large enough.

4. Pay attention to never allow two people to operate the machine tool and the operation interface of the machine tool CNC system at the same time.

2. Preparatory work before CNC lathe work

1. The machine tool must be warmed up before the start of the operation, and carefully check whether the lubrication system is working properly. If the machine tool has not been started for a long time, you can use the manual method to supply lubrication to each part.

2. The tools used should be in accordance with the standards allowed by the machine tool, and severely damaged tools should be replaced in time.

3. Don’t forget to adjust the tools in the machine tool.

4. Check the status of the chuck clamping operation.

5. Before starting the machine, it is necessary to close the machine protective door.

6. After the workpiece is clamped, be sure to check whether the chuck wrench is taken out of the chuck.

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three. Safety precautions for the operation process of CNC lathes

1. Prevent the tip of the knife and iron filings from being touched with your hands. Iron filings must be cleaned up with iron hooks or brushes.

2. Prevent touching the rotating spindle, workpiece or other moving parts by hand or any other method.

3. It prevents the measurement and speed change in the processing process, and it is not allowed to scrub the workpiece with cotton yarn, nor to clean the machine tool.

4. During the lathe operation, the operator shall not leave the post, and the machine tool will park immediately when it finds an abnormal phenomenon.

5. During the machining process, it is not allowed to open the machine protection door.

6. When the workpiece protrudes beyond 100mm from the lathe, a guard must be installed in the protruding position.

7. Operate when the operation process is completely clear. Ask the teacher as soon as you encounter any problems. Try to prevent attempting operations without knowing the operating procedures. If the machine tool is abnormal during operation, you should immediately report to the person in charge.

8. When manually returning to the origin, pay attention to the distance of each axis of the machine tool from the origin by more than -100mm. The return order of the machine origin is: first + X axis, and second + Z axis.

9. When using the handwheel or rapid traverse method to move the directions of each axis, be sure to see the “+, -” signs in each direction of the machine tool X and Z before moving. When moving, turn the handwheel slowly to check the direction of the machine tool movement before speeding up the movement.

10. Things to pay attention to during program operation:



(1) The tool setting should be accurate, and the tool compensation number should be consistent with the program call tool number;

(2) Check whether the orientation of each function button of the machine tool is correct;

(3) The cursor should be placed at the head of the main program;

(4) The standing position should be suitable. When starting the program, the right hand is ready to press the continuous button. The program cannot be separated from the continuous button when the program is working. Press the continuous button immediately if there is an emergency.

11. When it is necessary to suspend the measurement of the workpiece size during the program operation, the standby bed must be fully continuous and the spindle can be stopped before the measurement can be carried out to avoid personal accidents.

12. When shutting down, wait for the spindle to stop for 3 minutes before shutting down.

13. Unauthorized obstruction to open the electrical box

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