Introduction to the use of lubricating oil

Use of lubricating oil:

1. Changing frequently or using good oil is an economical choice

It’s a good choice to use good oil and replace it diligently, but in many cases it is not in line with the economic choice of the car owner. Therefore, the choice between using a good oil for a long time or choosing a regular oil to change frequently has become a problem that plagues many car owners. Experts suggest that if you consider economical aspects, you can choose semi-synthetic oil for ordinary mid-range cars and economic cars and replace it at about 8000km, or consider using fully synthetic oil and replace it at about 15000km. Both are more economical choices. For example, in terms of semi-synthetic oil, you can choose Vina’s 10-W40, Shell’s Extraordinary Heineken (Blue Shell), and in terms of fully synthetic oil, you can choose Singapore Petroleum’s Xinwei 5-W40. It is worth noting that although it is very cheap, mineral oil should not be among the choices.

2, 4S shop oils are used together, and owners who are proficient in oil can choose by themselves

4S oil is more expensive, is it appropriate to change the oil in a 4S shop? This should be a difficult question for 4S shops and car owners, because it also involves a warranty issue. First of all, the engine oil provided by the 4S shop must be qualified. For owners who are not familiar with engine oil, especially those whose vehicles are under warranty, if they are not particularly proficient in oil products, experts recommend that they choose to go to the 4S shop for replacement. Engine oil. Of course, for car owners who are proficient in automobiles and oil products, they can make a more appropriate choice based on the actual situation.

3. Turbine vehicles must use fully synthetic high-viscosity engine oil

The lubricating oil of turbocars not only plays the role of engine lubrication and heat dissipation, but also plays the role of turbine lubrication and heat dissipation. Due to the role of the turbocharger, the quality and volume of the air entering the combustion chamber are greatly improved, and the engine structure is more improved. It is compact, the machining accuracy is higher, and the assembly technology requirements are stricter. All of these determine the high temperature, high speed, high power, high torque, and low emission working characteristics of the turbocharged engine. At the same time, it also determines the working conditions for the internal parts of the engine to withstand higher temperatures and greater impact, extrusion and shear forces. Therefore, you need to pay special attention to the use of engine oil. In the choice of lubricants, there are two points that need special attention. One is to choose high-quality lubricants. We recommend that you choose at least fully synthetic oils, and best choose lipid fully synthetic oils. In order to provide adequate protection, another point is to choose a higher viscosity oil. 0-W30 is definitely the killer of turbo cars. At high temperatures, it can hardly provide any effective protection. We recommend choosing 5-W50 or 10W-50. product. In the turbo car, you can choose from Singapore Petroleum’s Saiwei 5-W50 lipid fully synthetic oil, MOTUL 300V 10-W50 double lipid fully synthetic oil, and Xinhui full power F1-A 10-W60. Just a reminder, these High-viscosity lubricating oil is not suitable for ordinary street cars. If ordinary street cars with the conditions also want to use these high-quality racing oils, they need to choose products with lower viscosity grades.

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