Is All-aluminum Furniture Better Than Wooden Furniture?

All-aluminum furniture belongs to a new type of furniture. It was first in Foshan, Guangdong Province in 2015. A small number of aluminum factories began to develop all-aluminum cabinets and all-aluminum bathroom cabinets, or some small lockers. The development of technology, slowly matured, began to derive the whole house of aluminum furniture customization. The early all-aluminum furniture color style is relatively simple, the conventional color stock is only 3-5 models, and the production process is simple and rough, and various auxiliary materials are not perfect, resulting in poor handling of many aspects of the finished product, and the cost is high. Because the unit price is high, the style is single, the details work is not in place, and the all-aluminum home is always warm. Even from the beginning, it was rejected by the market.

However, after several years of market precipitation and technology update and styles continue to increase, in recent years, all-aluminum furniture has begun to sweep the custom furniture industry, improving the rough details of workmanship, supporting accessories, assembly process problems, and the launch of the whole Aluminum door panels, all aluminum cabinet wardrobes, still occupy a certain share in the market. Some manufacturers have introduced large slabs of honeycomb slabs 1220*2440, and the wardrobes or cabinets made of large slabs are more beautiful, more resistant to dirt and have a longer service life.

The traditional wood furniture has a short shelf life. At the end of the life cycle of the furniture, there are often serious problems. The weather is hot and the temperature causes the cabinet to be deformed, or the cabinet door cannot be closed normally. For example, the long-term stress caused the deformation and cracking of the cabinet, the water swelling of the fracture, and the like, resulting in the cabinet being unable to be used normally. Another example is the appearance of termite insects, and the basic structure of the cabinet is also common for wooden furniture. Under the above circumstances, damaged wooden furniture, no matter how valuable wood species can only become waste wood, the treatment method may also throw away the garbage, or burn a fire. All aluminum furniture generally does not suffer from such irreversible damage. The cabinet can be assembled again after disassembly. Even if you want to replace the new furniture, the aluminum plate of the all-aluminum furniture can still be recycled and reused. It also plays a role in protecting the environment. The biggest advantage of all-aluminum households is that they are not deformed and are not afraid of water.

The shortcomings of all-aluminum furniture are also obvious: lack of aesthetics, because the aluminum alloy is a cold metal, the furniture made is also a cold feeling, lacking the soft feeling of wooden furniture. Moreover, the furniture made of aluminum alloy has a relatively limited limitation, and the color is single. It is not comparable to the solid wood furniture in terms of aesthetics, and it is difficult to achieve uniformity with the style of the living room. Although the development of technology is becoming more and more mature, many aluminum alloy furniture will be covered with a film to cover the original color, but this kind of visual will also feel no texture, and the overall style is not good.

Therefore, everyone should choose all-aluminum furniture carefully. It is generally recommended that the villa or the first floor or basement of the self-built house use all-aluminum furniture. Because the villa is on the first floor or basement of the self-built house, the sun is not seen all the year round, and the humidity is heavier. Wooden furniture is prone to moisture deformation, while aluminum furniture is completely afraid of this. In addition, some communities with multiple termites and low-floor furniture are also recommended to use all-aluminum furniture, which can play a good role in termite prevention. However, furniture is made of all-aluminum or wood. It depends on everyone’s pursuit of quality and opinion. In general, it is still the same.

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