Is Windows 11 becoming more “Apple-like” good or bad?

Recently, Windows 11 is pushing a new round of updates. This time, the Alt+Tab window switching interface has been changed, and there is more and more apple flavor.

Is Windows 11 becoming more “Apple-like” good or bad?

Before this, after pressing the Alt+Tab shortcut in Windows 11, the effect of a full-screen frosted glass background and stacked tabs would be displayed.

In the first major version update, codenamed “Sun Valley 2”, this interface will change.

Starting with Windows 11 Build 22562, after pressing Alt+Tab, it is no longer displayed in full screen, but a set of application thumbnails arranged horizontally, displayed in the center of the screen, very similar to Apple macOS, press and hold Alt and click Tab repeatedly Naturally, it can be cycled through.

Also, the background blur effect is now more prominent.

Microsoft has confirmed that this new design is indeed being developed, but only a small number of users participating in the closed beta can experience it.

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