Knife Fork Spoon Mould

Sino Mould has rich experience in making knife fork spoon moulds, and has made a variety of knife fork spoon moulds for many countries around the world. And we can also help you set up the production line—Custom Design Injection Molding Line Set Up.


Cutlery spoon products are roughly classified into three types from the perspective of use: aviation knife fork spoons, household cutlery spoons, and military cutlery spoons. From the appearance of the product, it can be divided into a common knife fork spoon and a folding knife fork spoon. For different occasions, different kinds of cutlery spoons are different. For example, the plastic cutlery spoon used in the restaurant is an ordinary cutlery spoon. The cutlery spoons on some foods are generally folded, and the folding does not take up space. Easy to package. So the processing technology of different knife fork molds is not the same.


The plastic material of the cutlery spoon is generally PP/PS. Different plastic materials, the choice of steel for the mold is different. For the steel of the cutlery spoon mold, steel materials such as H13, S136, 2344, 2316 and quenching materials are generally selected. Because knife fork spoon product belongs to fast consumer goods, so the mold is generally made into multi-cavity, mold shape design into square or round with the point gate. The hot runner uses a full hot runner or a semi-hot runner. If the mold is designed to be square, a semi-hot runner can be used and the mold can be inlaid.


Sino cutlery spoon mold processing technology has high speed fine carving, high speed milling and so on. Ordinary knife, fork and spoon mold is generally two-petal mold, and folding knife, fork and spoon mold, and the folded knife and fork mold has more sliders on the basis of the two-petal mold. So folding knife fork and spoon mold is more difficult than ordinary knife fork and spoon mold.


We are not only professional in making knife fork spoon molds, but also in high-precision molds such as ultra-thin container molds and medical molds. You are welcome to bring us with the projects.

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